Dunn Contracting is the best roofer that installs a secondary water barrier with every new roof.  


Peal and Seal is a self-adhesive, modified-bituminous roofing underlayment reinforced with a heavyweight, fiberglass mat for use under asphalt shingles. A split-back release film allows for easy handling and installation. This film peels off to expose the adhesive, which adheres directly to concrete, plywood, wood composition board and gypsum sheathing decks.

Secondary Water Barrier included with every new roof

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Secondary Water Barrier for the best roofer
A Secondary Water Barrier is a backup system to prevent water intrusion (through the joints in the roof decking) into the home in the event of the primary roof covering and underlayment over a roof  being blown off during a hurricane.
Peel and Stick as the underlayment with an asphalt shingle is a great roof system. Secondary Water Resistance, on the wind mitigation form is referring to a second way of preventing water from entering through a roof.

Peal and Seal is a surprisingly lightweight self-adhesive, modified bituminous roofing underlayment. It's reinforced with a heavy weight fiberglass mat for use under tile, slate and asphalt shingles. Glass fiber reinforcement on the upper surface provides enhanced skid resistant properties for a roof.