LANCO® Ultra Siliconizer

his product is a single component 100% acrylic silicone sealer for roofs and walls with outstanding adhesive properties that will provide a thick, high performance, water and weather resistant seal on most surfaces, usually without need of a primer coating when surface coating a roof. Due to a transition process, LANCO® Ultra Siliconizer™ normally dries in half the time as other similar products, ensuring a quick and effective installation. It will significantly lower the interior temperature of the structure by reflecting 78% of the suns’ rays and reducing heat received by 90%. This revolutionary technology allows the finish to remain whiter than similar products on the market, maintaining an average solar reflectance of 84% three (3) years after application (as independently tested ASTM C 1549). This ensures a long-term advantage over similar products on the market.  Product will not crack, peel or blister even under severe weather conditions when surface coating a roof.


Surface coatings

Roof Coating in Pinellas FL.

Fibered Protective Coating

APOC® 208 Silver Guard-F® Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating is a 2 pound, professional grade reflective coating formulated to provide a bright and long lasting finish. The aluminum pigment in this product enables it to form a silver shield to reflect the sun’s destructive rays surface coating a roof. Cooling costs can be reduced while the underlying roofing materials are protected and preserved. APOC® 208 serves as a rust inhibitor and will aid in the prevention of corrosion for metal surfaces. APOC® 208 also contains interlocking fibers which increase the life and durability of the coating.

Lanco Siliconizer Plus

Lanco Elastomeric Styrene Acrylic Resin sealer modified with Silicone, which makes it waterproofing and highly flexible, for sealing surfaces against leaks and moisture surface coating a roof. Designed for concrete roofs, metal, wood, asphalt membranes, polyurethane, EPDM, and TPO. May be applied with roller, brush, or spray - airless.

  •     Reflects sun rays
  •     Reduces interior temperature
  •     Protects against moisture and leaks
  •     Easy to keep clean