Home Inspector for the purpose of obtaining Insurance by Dunn Contracting

 A Four-Point inspection is one that is carried out to satisfy the insurance requirements when a homeowner is purchasing a homeowner's insurance policy, or renewing their existing policy. This type of inspection covers the four main points of a home. These points are the most common areas that result in an insurance claim and the insurance company wants to be assured that these elements are in sound, working order. This inspection is carried out in a methodical way so as to check the age, parts, and condition of the four areas of the home. An insurance carrier wants to make sure they do not insure a home that has existing damage or is in poor condition. This is not the type of inspection used to purchase a home. Home Inspector for the purpose of obtaining insurance.

Areas Covered:
1. Roofing - Estimated remaining life, condition, type and damage.
2.Electrical - Electrical panel is inspected for brand, wiring types and hazards.
3.Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) - Visually inspected to determine the age and the condition of  the system. Also inspected for hazards.
4.Plumbing - The plumbing under sinks visually checked for signs of leaks, material and to estimate the age. The water heater is inspected for age, leaks, and hazards.
Why do I need a Four Point Inspection?

Many homeowners wonder why a Four-Point inspection is needed in their home. Most insurance companies require this type of inspection before they will cover a home. This requirement is often imposed on older homes, because the insurance company wants assurance that the home does not have safety and other issues that could result in costly claims such as fire and water leaks. This inspection must be carried out before coverage can begin. If any issues are found, they have to be corrected and another inspection must be carried out. Home Inspector for the purpose of obtaining insurance.

How are problems detected?

This is a visual inspection. Dunn Contracting will look at the roof, electrical panel, under the sinks, water heater and air conditioning system. We are looking for hazards that insurance companies do not want to insure.
Here are some of the things that we typically look for when doing the 4-Point Home Inspection: Home Inspector for the purpose of obtaining insurance.

A roof with any leaks at all, or an older roof, typically over 15-years old for a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof, for example. An estimated additional roof life of 3 to 5 years is the usual standard for a roof to be acceptable.

  • An electric panel with screw-in type fuses.
  • Newer 3-slot type electric receptacles connected to old wiring that does not have grounding.
  • An older water heater, typically more than about 20-years old.
  • Lack of an installed heating system. Window a/c units or plug-in portable heaters are not considered “installed.”
  • Any evidence of plumbing leaks or other water intrusion into the home, even previous ones.
  • Older knob-and-tube wiring that’s still “live.”
  • Exposed, amateur electrical wiring, especially open electrical splices.
  • Deteriorated, damaged, or unvented plumbing piping.